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pic: Caboose 1830, Landsdowne MD. Summer 2001

Greetings: Welcome to the Thompson Subdivision of the Western Maryland, during 1968 - 1973 in N scale. This site will be for the sole purpose of documenting my N scale version of the Wild Mary. This page and the links from it will document my collection and construction of models for a future layout. In the future I hope to include scenes and detailed plans of the fictitious Thompson Subdivision. Included will be documention of the Western Maryland during the time peiod of 1965 to 1975 by which I am basing the Thompson Subdivision, locomotives, vehicles and structures. With this site I would also like to promote other related sites particular to N scale, the history of the WM, and showcase pictures of the modern day railroad activity of CSX. Most pictures will be from the Baltimore to Relay area.